Prospective Tenant Form

Are you looking for housing on Galiano Island? Fill out the form below and we will try to match you up with available housing.

Note: This is not the application for the Land Lease Project – click here if that’s what you’re looking for!


One response to “Prospective Tenant Form

  1. we are a gay couple one in west van the other a resident of galiano we are in an immediate accommodation on galiano as the current landlord has become far to unreasonable. We are both employed and the city dwellers wants to make galiano a part time home..not even sure if this is the right forum for this..we are looking for south to mid island coyyage or small house with a renced yard and a place to grow food..we are neat and tidy and enjoy making out home beautiful..would do all yard maintenance for rental reduction..if anyone has a place to rent long term to two great guys please let us know..we need to move very soon as the situation is desperate..thank you to anyone who reads this..there is not muck advertised and if it is it is out of control prices…thank…chris and ginga

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